About the Journal

The EDIJURA: Journal of Health, Risk, and Prevention serves as a comprehensive platform for scholarly exploration and dissemination of research findings in the fields of public health, occupational safety and health, and various other domains of healthcare. This peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge and promoting best practices in safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities.


Public Health
The journal delves into various aspects of public health, addressing issues such as epidemiology, health promotion, disease prevention, and community health interventions. It publishes research articles, reviews, and empirical studies that contribute to the understanding of public health challenges and propose effective strategies for their mitigation.

Occupational Safety and Health.
A significant focus of the journal is on occupational safety and health, covering topics related to workplace hazards, ergonomic considerations, psychosocial factors, and occupational diseases. The aim is to provide valuable insights for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers working towards creating healthier and safer work environments.

Diverse Health Domains.
The scope extends beyond traditional boundaries to include a diverse array of health-related subjects. This encompasses areas such as mental health, reproductive health, healthcare management, and global health issues. The journal welcomes contributions that broaden our understanding of health in various contexts and populations.